Past in the present 7                                                                                                                                                   Editor Leonor Faber-Jonker

“The faithful beast is still looking up at its master,

But the statue of Antony Abbot has been lost.”

Editor Marina Toeters



Fashion Tech Farm

From the knitted constitution.

Citaten uit de Fashion Tech Farm Population:

31: My e-clothing is programmed following

the seasons, so it grows flowers in the spring 

- it falls of in autumn.

32: Mijn scharrelkleding doet het goed bij de 

kippen in de Fashion Tech Farm.

33. Overleeft mijn smart garment de 

volgende uitverkoop?

34: Die e-snob koopt alleen kleding die kan 

citeren uit "Système de la Mode" van Roland 

Barthes, Éditions du Seuil, 1967.

35: My dress was so shy, it didn't want to 

leave my room. It always shied away behind 

my back

ITL Studio image

Victory over the Sun

About designers working in the Fashion tech Farm: 

Julia van Zilt-  ITL Studio - (under construction)

The Interactive textile library by Julia is currently under development in 

collaboration with students of Fontis and fellow designers who help in the R&D 

process of creation of the swatches..

Julia develops textile interfaces using digital fabrication methods and electronics,

which translate screen-based functionality into textile-based interfaces.


Rubbing                                                                                              Simulacrum 7                    Editor Leonor Faber-Jonker

Publication Textiles 7: 

 The scattered Text Object .

 Editor: Contrechoc

The text as a code wants to be read 

without interference. At least this is the 

illusion the text should convey. Practically 

the reader is always hindered in reading 

the text as a whole, by distraction, by the 

text being too long to be read in total, by 

forgetting parts of the text while reading, 

by not overseeing all the consequences of 

the text in all its details.

The text on itself can be written so that it 

cannot be overseen, on purpose, by the 

writer, or because the reality the text is 

describing is too complex.

Sometimes a text can only be understood 

by reading other texts.


The text shown on the garments in this 

series retains some integrity because the 

surface of garments is still connected, and 

it could be seen in a connected way.

The text on many objects such as boxes 

has this same quality.

What if the object itself is “scattered”?

As an example, the tetrahedral kite is 


This object is formed by triangles which are opened “like pages a book”. But the triangles are placed in a spatial structure. The surfaces of the triangles can be seen side by side or half hiding behind others.

Some triangles were “word play”.

In the version shown on top the total Otaku series are published on the triangles. In this version also the transparency of the fabrics is used, to superimpose text and images, or even two different parts of the text.

From a certain perspective, all sides could be seen next to each other.

Handwritten version: in one version the 

text on this fractal surface was a poem, 

but not the total poem. In a second 

version of this poem the words and text

lines were displayed in a more graphical


Contribution by Ido van Blijdesteijn

Swatch Exchange Magic 7 - Electronics

Editor Contrechoc

E-textile swatches are combinations of the soft and the hard. Although some e-textile designers have posed themselves the challenge to reinvent all electronics in fabrics, inevitably the silicon – the hard will stay present in the softness of the fabric 

for some time.

Examples of swatches with a lot of this very hard silicon. 

Lulu by Maurin has being developed further by Kobakant in their project of the Schneiderei:

Latest Lulu version:

This picture also shows “the function”, that is 

transfer light of an Neopixel into a fiber.

In fact, all e-textile swatches have “a function”. All swatches are interactive, which have to be “experienced” by handling, touching, playing…

Hannah has made a video of the swatches “in function”:


Early Works, 

Daan van Golden (1936-2017)

Composite Groen, 1963,

Olieverf op doek op paneel

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Contribution by Rowan van As, Parkkade Rotterdam, 30 x 15 cm, balpen op papier, 2019